Hey there!

My name is Nicolas Amato. I draw and paint since forever, and I couldn't live without art. I know it's a cliché, but art has saved my life. I received formal studies in fine arts at the age of 18, when I entered the academy in 2000. There I studied drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

I've been working as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator for almost 20 years now. In 2020 I founded No Ego Studio, inspired by countryside and outdoors lifestyles, and also by vintage graphic design and art from the XIX and early XX centuries. Having put all those flavors in the blender, I've been making vintage-looking logos, illustrations and seamless patterns for western and outdoor brands, artists and influencers ever since. I started this venture as a leap into the void, with 100 followers on social media, offering free designs to strangers. Little by little No Ego Studio grew. In 2021 the studio had a major breakthrough, and such exposure connected me to all kinds of people, many of whom keep supporting me still. My art is freehand, original, and customized. It embraces the imperfect, the worn, the rustic, but aims to maintain the energy of old things that have survived the passage of time.
I’m from Argentina. Here, in my country, we have our own cowboys called “gauchos”. Cowboys and gauchos have a lot in common. They’re like brothers with different features but very much alike in essence. Although I’m not a cowboy nor a gaucho, I pay homage to them with my pencils and brushes. I love painting and drawing them (and all the culture around them) because they maintain traditions and human values alive. They’re hardworkers, courageous, gritty, big-hearted, and they represent the fight against the modern, ultra-urbanized, mass-produced, soulless AI world we live in today. Both figures, the cowboy and the gaucho, as well as the charro in Mexico, are folk symbols from their respective countries, but regardless of borders, flags or nationalities, they stand for the same values, which are mine as well.

Thanks so much for being there and for your support :) Means a lot to me.